Awaken the greatness within you!

Benefits of attending my Workshops/Speaking Events/Personal Coaching

  • Divorce Recovery Coaching Coping with Change
  • Empower & Invest in yourself
  • Re design YOUR INNER world
  • Understand the Power of your Thought life
  • Coaching to overcome your PAST and design your future
  • Release from feeling STUCK in your relationship or career
  • Over come your Fears in relationships
  • Improve your communication skills – improve your relationships with others.

  • Support In - through & at the end of a Divorce
  • Coaching for Relational Intimacy
  • Transformation through loss – emotional abuse – and rejection.
  • Goal Setting & Clarity for any area in your life
  • Spiritual support & coaching to wholeness
  • Identity
  • How to bring excellence to the workplace

Yes...I facilitate YOUR journey of Transformation from Within…


Transformational Life Coach

Transformation life coach, who is passionate about self development & empowering people

About me

“I am enthusiastic & passionate, working with you, to bring YOUR dreams – to a living reality”

I am quirky, never give up, creative, glamorous and different. As a Life Long learner - & known to have a dramatic expression I have been in preparation & training to be a Transformation coach, all my life.

Curious about people and their behavioural patterns, surfaced when I was a Drama /Acting student, I have always had an unquenchable desire to research and study. I love gaining knowledge and developing new skills and talents. I am addicted to self-development and reading of past Masters and their wisdom. My ability to awaken the “Greatness” in others is my privilege & honour.

I am committed & inspired as your Coach, to journey with you, My Client.

Let us unwrap your hidden potential to discover a life of greater fulfillment & purpose.

I believe that the destruction and trauma of an unexpected divorce, which impacted myself and my children, has given me a deep compassion and drive to inspire and empower others who have suffered death, loss and pain on every level.

My desire to bring restoration & healing within others who have been betrayed, abused and crushed is relentless. My own spiritual journey of redemptive love……… is now my life purpose.

  • I believe in courage
  • The power to face our fears
  • I believe in identity
  • To journey through pain, betrayal, loss and rejection to find the REAL - YOU
  • I believe in life with no walls
  • To rebuild the broken walls by finding wholeness, healing, freedom and peace

    As an NLP Practitioner, I am here to facilitate and support the growth, healing and transformation of the inner unique person - my valuable clients.

    The cost of my life, at every level of preparation, experience and education, allows me permission, a privilege to invest all I am and all I have to give to others.

    My clients deserve another chance to have someone believe in them, to rediscover themselves and redesign a new life through a journey of inner transformation. This will result in them living at their full potential and finding their true purpose. 

    Is this not the greatest gift to be a part of another human being’s life-time, witnessing another becoming healed, free and prosperous in all areas of their life?

    • Improve your relationships91%
    • Manage anxiety & stress92%
    • Cope with divorce95%
    • Assist with abuse cases91%
    • Improve financial position92%
    • Empower once self92%
    • Life changing 95%
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